A reliable partner for dental services

Alnase company sets new standards in digital dental technology.
The company provides mainly dental fixed restorations using CAD/CAM technology besides to Clear aligner orthodontic and removable prosthesis products. With its high degree of expertise in development and commitment to customer orientation, the ambitious company from Tripoli, Libya always seeks the best services for their clients.

Vision for the future

The future of dental technology is without doubt, digital. The satisfaction of future patients lies with Alnase Dental Company and means the highest precision, impeccable functionality and immaculate aesthetics of our products. This will be achived by impracing the reliable new innovations, methods and strtigies that market provides. Our target is putting our clients in the top levels of satisfaction.

General Manager’s speech

We are proud of being the most ambitious companies in Libya. As family, we develop our dental services in terms of treatment and production, characterized by maximum precision. Our attention to detail has helped us to achieve market leadership in the field of manufacturing dental restorations and treatment. Our key priority is to deliver top quality on a daily basis with the help of a team of well-trained and highly motivated staff as well as using the most advanced technology in the field such as CAD/CAM and high resolution 3D printers.